Dame Katrin Kött Karlsdöttir of Drakenfjord, has earned a reputation in several organizations as a compulsive worker and a pot-stirrer . It remains to be seen just what damage could be done should she use these demonic abilities to aid the forces of entropy, as all the chaos she spreads has been for the benefit of the games she plays, first in the SCA, then in Amtgard, and currently in the HFS.

Katrin is one of the four founders of Drakenfjord, served as the first Clerk, and was the first elected Queen. She has served at least one term in all but one major Kingdom office and several associate offices.She was a co-developer of Herald as a full officer position. Katrin was the chief editor of the Drakenfjord Book of Precedance, and served as part of the publishing team fo Drakenfjord's HFS rulebook.

Despite her steady opposition to a unified HFS Rules of Play, Katrin has been a leading proponent of incorporation and nonprofit status.

Katrin's Heraldic DeviceEdit


Sable, a seaf knot of six loops Azure.

Sable, a sheaf knot of six loops Azure is the official blazon of Katrin's device. The badge is the same.

Affiliated GroupsEdit

Katrin is co-founder and a Secundus of House Pharus. She is one of two members of House Pharus to maintain active participation in the HFS, and has introduced several Pharusi traditions, such as the sacred buffett table.

Katrin is one of the foinding members of the Wounded Warmongers and serves as the Captain of the company. She is also the Knight Commander of the Order of the Crimson Stag.

Belted FamilyEdit

Katrin was never a squire or a page. She is the font of her own beltline. Katrin was the second person to be knighted in Drakenfjord and the first female to be knighted in the kingdom. She was knighted by King Cedric I on October 29, 2004 right after Sir Nawguthion Craftyslinger. Katrin was the first member of the Order of the Crimson Stag and drafted the charter which was approved by King Cedric I on May 13, 2007.

Dame Katrin Kött Karlsdöttir

  • Page Raynedalan (inactive) - April 18, 2008
  • Squire Sighieari Peregrina of the Four Winds - February 2008
  • Page Kitten - April 17, 2010
  • Squire Thaya Unwhat