Sleet Gil-shalos

Dame Sleet Gil-shalos became a member of the Borderland Keep and thus of Amtgard in June, 1994. In the year 2000, she was a founding member of Kalladen, a chapter of the High Fantasy Society.


In Amtgard...Edit

Was introduced to Amtgard and The Borderland Keep in June of 1994 on the day that Silvermane was elected Baron and Lorac Threefeathers was elected Regent. Served as PM of the Borderlands during Reigns 2 – 6, at which time Sleet and a number of other members stepped down from their offices and away from the Borderlands due to conflicts with Emerald Hills.

Subsequently, this same group contacted The Celestial Kingdom to see if a shire could be formed in Waco under that Kingdom. After some discussion, they were advised that it was permissible, and they met with the Monarch of CK to sign the official contracts. They were warmly welcomed by CK as the shire of Darkhaven. Shortly thereafter the members of Darkhaven were told that Emerald Hills had protested and the shire was disbanded.

Returned to the Borderlands during the reign of Kayrana Lissa along with her company members and the members of the Dark Hand of the Rose.

Ran for Regent of Reign 11, but was elected as Princess (Monarch) when Sir Terarin removed his name from the ballot. During this reign, Sleet & other officers met with the Monarch of The Emerald Hills, Forest Evergreen, and it was agreed that, due to dwindling numbers, the Borderlands status would be lowered to that of a Duchy. At the end of Reign 11, the Borderlands dissolved and officially became a defunct chapter of Amtgard.


  • In 1994, with Lorac Threefeathers and Sable Ravenheart, formed the all female fighting company known as the Sisters of the Serpent. Sleet was named as Captain.
  • Received title of Lady from Baron Silvermane
  • Earned masterhood as Healer; awarded by Prince Deerslayer during Reign 5
  • Co-autocrated (with Lorac Threefeathers) the EH Cornation event at Mother Neff State Park in December of 1995. When an unexpected “blue norther” visited this event, the cold was so intense that the honey butter sitting on the tables froze. The rest of the attendees came close.

In HFS...Edit