a chapter of the High Fantasy Society, located in Edinburg, Texas.

House, Clans, Companies and GuildsEdit

Dark Dragon clan (bearers of the dragon tattoo)

a clan of protectors that serve the Champion to safeguard the Mikado and provide the empire's relics.

Kuze Clan (Bearers of the snake Tattoo, wear black and dark blue robes)

The Mikado's Secret Regiment none know the their members faces are their identities are only known the Mikado, these assassins are the worst nightmare to any who cross their path, it is said those who are cut by their blades are reduced to ash.

House of the Ion Forge

The Great Forge of Sir Jeshi Shiffer, it is here where all of Otani's weapons are forged, it is said that any weapon forged here shall become light as a feather no matter the size.

Members of Otani

  • = non active members, or members that have moved away.

Sir Count Jeshi Shiffer

Sir Arch-Duke Pablo the Great

Squire Zerithal *

Squire Baron Calicos

Squire Jerenger


Count Akuma Akenshi

Striker *



Ramza *

Claudia G.

Dr. Unicorn

Argis Rogue




Jiexi *

Tech Renshi *




Belted Members of OtaniEdit

  • Order of the Dragon : Fighting
  • Order of the Taka (Hawk) : Service
  • Order of the Shikigami : Art & Sciences
  • Order of the Kirin: All Knighthoods in one

** Service Knights previously belted in other kingdoms may have their specific belt-name recognized, such as Falcon or Phoenix. All Knights listed, regardless of whether their belts came originally from Otani or another kingdom, are officially recognized and accepted as Knights of Otani, thus will have no special indicator of their differences unless it is to recognize their specific belt-name.

Order of the Taka (Hawk)
Order of the Dragon
Order of the Shikigami

Order of the Kirin

Sir Arch-Duke Pablo the Great Sir Count Jeshi Shiffer

Line of Reigns

First Reign:

Mikado: Sir Jeshi Shiffer

Regent: Valden

Chancellor: Akuma Akenshi

Second Reign:

Mikado: Lord Akuma Akenshi

Regent: Ramza

Chancellor: Sir Baron Jeshi Shiffer

Third Reign:

Mikado: Lord Ramza

Regent: Squire Calicos

Chancellor: Sir Viscount Jeshi Shiffer

Fourth Reign:

Mikado: Tech Renshi

Regent: Viscount Akuma Akenshi

Chancellor: Squire Lord Calicos

Fifth Reign:

Mikado: Count Akuma Akenshi

Regent: Sir Count Jeshi Shiffer

Chancellor: Baron Ramza

Sixth Reign:

Mikado: Aragon

Regent: Niome Taisho

Chancellor: Sir Count Jeshi Shiffer

Seventh Reign:

Mikado: Sir Count Jeshi Shiffer

Regent: Sir Arch-Duke Pablo the Great

Chancellor: Lady Niome Taisho

Park and Direction

Our Park is located sprague and Raul Longoria in the Edinburg Municipal Park