The Kingdom of Dalagoth was reborn to the HFS on July 2nd, 2005 in Laredo, TX. After an eight year session of peace, Dalagoth as risen above once again and is eager to bring back the traditions of the old Kingdom, along with the energy, determination and strength in the new.



Dalagoth's Heradry


  • King,Count Brahms
  • Alatorre
  • Prince, Squire Raven
  • Stillwind
  • Chancellor, Sir Viscount Issac
  • X-Moon
  • Sir Caladorn Bladesemmer
  • Fausto D'Ken (Champion)
  • Joxer
  • Murdok
  • Killem Forall
  • April Springwind
  • Saki Mota
  • Squire Richard Perish
  • Grendyl
  • Demir of Spestiny
  • Sierra
  • Navajas De La Rosa
  • Profien
  • Malikite Blackthorn
  • Delrin Vaus
  • Thurin Thornleaf
  • Trebor of Adelria
  • Squire Matthew

Contacts and DirectionsEdit

The Kingdom of Dalagoth gathers every Saturday at 2:00 PM at Del Mar park. Shade and water are provided. For more information, please contact:

King Raven Stillwind

Chancellor Richard Perish

[Dalagoth website]