Nawguthion began his career in the province of Drakenfjord in late 2001. He served as Champion and GM of Reeves prior to Drakenfjord's separation from Amtgard. He has also worked on many of the Amtgard 7 expansion packs.

When the then Duchy of Drakenfjord voted to withdraw from both the Amtgard: the Kingdom of the Wetlands, Nawguthion was the only member of the populace to vote against the measure. When the vote passed anyway his solution was to continue playing and recruiting both in and out of the Wetlands, which he still does to this day.

Having been the first to be awarded the honor of knighthood in the Free Kingdom of Drakenfjord, Nawguthion is not only an AmtSquire, but also the font of his own beltline within the HFS.

Nawguthion founded Dragon's Talon as a small Province in Rye that had maintained limited activity following Independence and soon suffered from population problems. A year later, The Palisade was formed incorporating a few former members and many newcomers. Dragon's Talon was key in supporting this reformation and the two have unofficially merged as The Palisade of Dragon's Talon.

Affiliated GroupsEdit

  • Nawguthion has long stated that he does not wish to become a member of any fighting company.

Belted FamilyEdit

Nawguthion Craftyslinger is still Squire to Sir Lucas Wyngarde

  • Within Amtgard.
    • Page Palattemei Panurple, Wetlands
  • Within HFS
    • Squire Merenwen Pallanen
    • Man at Arms Zebula Lucmoor, now inactive
    • Page Maka
  • Sir Ogre the Greybush
    • Squire Galamor Magnus
    • Squire Hobart the Restless
  • Dame Ophilia Blivious
    • Man at Arms Bjorn

Notable AccomplishmentsEdit

Sir Nawguthion has served multiple terms as Champion, Regent, and Monarch of the Kingdom of Drakenfjord.

He founded the provinces of Dragon's Talon and the High Council.